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Gooon Studio

A young company with ancient experiences

Gooon was born from the idea of ​​a group of professionals who have developed the belief that the management of information and its communication by companies require, in addition to the traditional ones, new and more effective approaches.

What we offer

Marketing and Advertising Communication Information systems Internet and new technologies Publishing Data management and security Audiovisual production Coordination of corporate communication


The ultimate goal is to ensure that companies become efficient entities in providing information and effective in the way of communicating. More simply, making sure that companies inform and communicate to create value.

the exchange of advertising goods
No budget to manage your advertising campaign? We at Gooon have the best solution to not give up on a communication activity useful for reaching yours Marketing or Business objectives.
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☆ Administrative aspects
☆ Management of Goods
☆ Advertising Planning
The English TAXI 
that wears the colors of your company

Strategie di comunicazioni originali e di impatto. Una trentina di Black Cab Inglesi allestiti con il vostro Brand


Different communication systems to reach thousands of potential customers around the city


Planning of the best route to follow and on the days of greatest interest. A targeted and complete promotion



By creating or improving the corporate image, studying its identity, message, the strength of one's ideas, the way of working and relating to others, creating all the elements at the basis of the development and affirmation of one's brand: because already the logo , the brand, the entire coordinated image, are fundamental ingredients of an identity that is able to stand out, to assert itself, to excel on the market.



We know how to convey the 'hidden' message by designing our products, which enhance the characteristics and quality, and are adequate to the expectations of the most demanding demand, in a way that is consistent with the image of the company.<br />Design and create work or presentation objects, suited to the needs of image and functionality that are at the same time a promotional vehicle for the brand of client companies



By advertising the products / services offered, through direct communication actions in the various media, creating the message and enhancing the contents in light of the media characteristics of the various channels,<br />in order to meet the needs of expression and the achievement of target customers.<br />Support the company in adopting suitable tools to express its presence on the market, able to enhance the added value offered by its services.<br />Plan an entire communication campaign for the company or for individual projects, starting from the conception of the message, the forecast of the advertising channels, the creation of the subjects, the execution of the communication plan, the analysis of the results obtained.