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About Us
Gooon was born from the idea of a group of professionals who have developed the belief that the management of information and its communication by companies require, in addition to the traditional, new and more effective approaches.
Marketing and Advertising Communication
Data Management and Security
Informative system
Audiovisual Production
Internet and New Technologies
Corporate Communication Coordination
What we treat
Gooon deals with Information Representation, a term with which
the activities related to the organization and supports are defined
necessary for the production, structuring, management and distribution of all
information on corporate assets.
Each project developed according to the criteria of "information representation"
aims at the continuous refinement and harmonization of communication processes.
The ultimate goal is to ensure that companies become efficient entities in providing information and effective
in the way of communicating. More simply, make sure that the
companies inform and communicate to create value.
The Representation of Information defines - in summary -
the set of activities carried out to obtain the information needed:
- in the quantity in which they are needed
- in the place where they are needed
- when they are needed
- in the simplest way
- costs proportionate to the degree of service required.
Gooon's approach is faithful to the philosophy of small steps in
right direction.
Gooon deals with communication strategies.
Its main goal is to support its customers by creating the conditions to help them grow and compete.
Gooon supports the ideas of its customers, studying the best image and developing customized communication tools, so that the company can stay focused on its business, beat the competition and achieve its goals.
Gooon coexists with a creative soul strongly influenced by the traditions of Italian design (contaminated by a touch of English minimalism). and an innovative soul that moves with agility in the most modern sectors of multimedia communication.
Gooon boasts, in fact, a team of web developers able to create any kind of internet service, supported by qualified personnel able to develop proven quality content.